Mill Sanitation Biocides

These are specifically developed organic biocides for improved sanitation/hygiene in sugar cane juice and sugar mills. They are vastly superior to conventional chemicals like ammonium bifluoride, bleaching powder and other halogen compounds.


Effective control of biological growth in sugar juice

Prevention of loss of vital sugar by avoiding inversion

Improves sanitation of mill surroundings

All our chemicals are food grade

Colour Precipitants

These are highly effective cationic polymers designed for improving colour of sugar remelt/syrup in sugar mills & sugar refineries. They also remove certain high molecular weight impurities present in sugar remelt and syrup. Additionally, they help to convert impurities into primary flocs.


Remove certain colouring matter from sugar remelt/syrup.

Improves colour of sugar remelt/syrup 

Evaporator Antiscalents

These water-soluble surfactants have high dispersing power towards inorganic salts. In the evaporators, they inhibit scale formation by modifying the crystals, improving heat transfer and crushing capacity between cleanings.


Improved heat transfer through clean evaporating surfaces

Reduce steam/fuel consumption

Minimum number of cleaning per season

Prevention of over-loading of vacuum pans

Enhanced equipment life

Defoamers / Antifoams

Defoamers/antifoams are used in the sugar process (cane/beet sugar) and provide superior and persistent knowck-down performance. The use of these non-silicon, non-mineral oil based, environmentally safe defoamers/ antifoams result in excellent defoaming action leading to good quality sugar and liquor recoveries.


Restricts foam generation & controls excess foam which would otherwise create process problems 

Environmentally safe and biodegradable 

Leaves no residues in sugar/liquor 

Easy to apply and low dosage required

Viscosity Reducers

These organic chemicals have been exclusively developed for lowering the viscosity of the massecuites in the pan. By reducing surface tension, they improve boiling efficiency, cyrstallisation, cen- trifugation and exhaustion of molasses – all resulting in improved sugar crystals and sugar recovery.


 Improved fluidity

 Reduced boiling time

Improved circulation